Bedok Reservoir Park and Beaches

One of the most beautiful gifts man was given on this earth is mouth-watering nature to explore. Nearly everyone would love to have a chance to walk around the world and get experience the zeal. Singapore is not left out, the island also boasts of having some of the beautiful green gardens, parks, and nature where people can visit and relax their mind. As we speak now there are a number of events one can catch up with like horseshoe crab rescue research, birdwatching at kranji marshes, forest clean up at Pulau ubin amongst many other events lined up for the nature enthusiast.

Bedok Reservoir Located at Eastern Part of Singapore

Despite the fact that the island is small whereby a bone of contention is brewing between population and nature, there are a number of park and beaches for holiday visits. One of this park is Bedok Reservoir found in the north of Bedok town in the eastern part of Singapore. This is one of the beautiful places found in the eastern parts of Singapore, it’s a reservoir found in the north of Bedok new town. It’s large with a surface area of 880,000m² that support various activities, it has a unique feature like it can hold water capacity of up to 12.8 million m³. With such great depth of 9 meters the reservoir gives room for varies activities, this makes it join the list as one of the top travel places to watch in eastern was first inspected in 1980 as a project for water scheme, housing and development board used it as a sand query, later on in 1993 construction of perimeter road and deep pumping station took two years and after completion of the reservoir commence operation.

Recreational Watersports at Bedok Reservoir

Don’t just sit there at home this is the time to trigger the adrenaline at the reservoir. The place is open for the public to enjoy a pool of water sports games and kill boredom. This water sports activities are skating, sailing, wakeboarding, fishing and canoeing among of the greatest historic events that were held at the reservoir was the wakeboard world cup in 2004, and this event took place in Singapore. The new development The Tapestry by City Developments is located near to Bedok Reservoir

Birds watching at Bedok Reservoir

Bedok reservoir park has a lot to catch, one can bring along his long range binoculars and enjoy bird watching in the beautiful panorama view. They have benches and the place is fully maintained by the authority to give full satisfaction to the can spot birds like collared kingfisher, throated kingfisher amongst many others.

Cycling is also one way of relaxing to ease tension in the mind, this can be achieved in the park where one can cycle around with his own bicycle. There are other options to explore like jogging around the park.

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