City Developments Limited Developer for The Tapestry Condo

City Developments Limited which can be abbreviated as CDL is a Real estate company that operates worldwide. This company has its headquarters located in Singapore. CDL was founded back in 1963 and it only had a staff of eight people. Back then, their activities were only based on rented premises found in Orchard Road. Nowadays, this company has grown and it is available in 26 countries with over 97 locations.

City Developments Limited Developer for The Tapestry Condo

Today, CDL has managed to establish a portfolio that includes deals on hotels, shopping malls, and residences. This portfolio amounts to a floor area that is over eighteen million square feet worldwide. Among the major projects that City Developments Limited has already completed include The Sail which is found in Marina Bay and St Regis hotel. Both these properties are located in Singapore. The Tapestry Condo is located near to Tampines Avenue 10 and consist of around 800 units.

The Tapestry City Developments Limited Condo

After being in business for over 54 years, CDL has managed to acquire hotel assets in a hotel that can be classified among the largest hotels in the whole world. This hotel, Millenium & Copthorne already has more than 130 hotels all over the world with the majority of these hotels being found in Key cities such as London and New York.

Worldwide, CDL has managed to develop over forty thousand homes. Back home in Singapore, this real estate company is considered as one of the biggest landlords commercially. CDL is among the biggest developers in the private sector as they have what can be considered as among the largest Landbanks located in Singapore.

The Tapestry Condo Tampines Avenue 10

In the international market, this company has managed to leverage growth in some of the top world markets which include Australia, China, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. CDL is currently managing over 3.5 billion Dollars funds. CDL share price is currently at 12.27 dollars per share.

This company has managed to acquire a variety of corporate wards. Examples of corporate awards that they have already acquired include the Human Capital partner and The sustainability Yearbook awards. On top of being able to acquire Corporate awards, CDL has also managed to acquire awards in other categories including Environmental and Project Awards.

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