The Tapestry Near to Changi Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport has been voted the world’s best airport for the fifth time in a row in 2017 out of 550 airports worldwide. This is the eighth time the airport has won this award since the award was introduced in 2000. Changi Airport was also named the best airport for leisure amenities which it is held since the award category was introduced in 2009.

Changi Airport has won all of these awards using its current airport but in 2019 the airport will finish building the jewel a 10-story development in front of Terminal one worth an estimated 1.7 billion dollars. The Tapestry is close to Changi Airport and there are many facilities that are near to the development by City Developments and Hong Leong Holdings.

The Tapestry Near to Changi Airport

The jewel will feature a distinctive dome shaped facade made of glass and steel the jewel will go beyond just being another building with retail food and beverage outlets. It will feature attractions and Gardens you might expect at a theme park not at an International Airport.

Some of the amazing features you will find under the dome are the first Valley is a five story garden and will have one of the largest indoor collections of plants in Singapore. It will also feature a 14 meter high ranked vortex that is expected to be the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

The Tapestry Singapore Tampines Avenue 10

It will be located at the core of the complex and will transform into a light and sound show with special lighting effects at night the canopy bridge is suspended 23 metres above ground and is 15 meters long and will have glass flooring in the center section.

Visitors can walk along the bridge surrounded by mist. There are two types of mazes a 1.8 meter high hedge maze and a mirror maze which will create illusions to challenge and confuse visitors. Both mazes cover an area of over 500 square meters. Skynet’s are a 250 meter bouncing net and walking net.

The Tapestry Tampines Changi Airport Singapore

The highlight of Skynet’s will be the thrill of walking over a void and looking down 25 meters. There will also be slides. The slides will be the first large-scale sculptural art piece in Singapore made up of four integrated slides two tube slides and two sliding surfaces of varying heights to provide children and young at heart with hours of sliding fun. And lastly, foggy bolts the key feature of this attraction is for gentle concave bowls with the depth of between 30 and 65 centimetres for young children to jump in while mist is released to create an illusion of playing among clouds.

When they designed the jewel they wanted the international visitors to experience the gardens aspect of Singapore right at the airport. The designers stated when we conceptualize canopy Park we envisaged an area that is not only relaxing because of the lush greenery around but also one that is filled with timeless activities and interactions for visitors of all ages. Now I have not been to an airport in years but the one thing I hated the most was having to show up 1 to 2 hours earlier to check in and get through security and then after sit around waiting for my flight.

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